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We are so glad that you are interested in our church. We are sure you have many questions, and we will try to answer the most basic ones here. However, we would love to speak with you. Navigate on over to our contact page for the best ways to contact us with any questions you may have.


Commonly Asked Questions

We are a non-denomination church by affiliation. This simply means that we don't belong to any over arching denominational organization such as the Church of God, Southern Baptist, ect.

  1. Make no mistake about it. We are a Bible beleiving church. We take the bible literally, believe it is the Living Word of God, and try to live by God's standards daily. 
  2. The best reference point for most people is to give them a similar familure denomination. While this isn't a perfect comparison, we our doctorine is similar to the Church of God.
  3. For a more indepth explaination of what we believe, please visit our "What do we Believe" page.

We strive to be a welcoming congregation that loves each one who attends. Our services are a mix of Southern Gospel and Contemporary Worship and dynamic word. We are a spirit filled church and desire to allow the Holy Spirit have His way in each service.

We currently offer Children's Church starting at age 3 for half of the service. Children will be dismissed to Children's Church at the conclusion of the Worship portion of the service. 

Any parking spot other than handicap unless you spacifially need the hadicap area. We don't have any assigned parking.

We simply believe in being modist. We have a wide range of wear going from full suit and tie all the way to jeans and a t-shirt. Pastor Just simply says, "We should always give God our best", so whatever you would wear to a nice dinner according to your style is fine with us. This varies widley from person to person according to their style and financial means. 

  1. Check out our upcoming events. Events Calendar
  2. Check out "Around the Table" our Wednesday Night Fellowship Around the Table
  3. When you are ready fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire or talk to our staff about where you feel God is leading you to serve. Volunteer Questionnaire